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About the Course

Bhagavad Gita – the essence of Vedic knowledge

 It has been read and respected by many of the greatest thinkers of the world.
It offers transformational wisdom that can help us tap our latent spiritual potential and bring out the divine spark within us, for our’ ultimate good.

This course is taught by the most Eminent Speakers including the likes of IIM/IIT and currently working in Respectable positions in MNC’s.
Behold as they share their experiences and relate how Bhagavad Gita has been a constant friend, philosopher, and Guiding factor throughout their life’s journey.

18 Week
90 min Sessions
Weekly on Sat & Sun
Only for Boys* (15-35 yr)

Course Highlights

Mentorship by Expert Counsellors and Life Coaches

Exciting Prizes based on Weekly Quizzes which add up to Leaderboard.

Detailed and Systematic Notes of Gita post-session to enhance your understanding.

Certificate of Completion by ISKCON Gurugram.

Free Bhagavad Gita with Offline Registration from ISKCON GURUGRAM.

Amazing Speakers

From the Leaders & People who are exemplifying Gita

Sundar Gopal Das

Director of IYF Delhi | IIT Delhi Gold Medalist
Motivational Speaker &  Life Coach
B. Tech BITS Pilani (Gold Medalist)
M.Tech IIT Delhi (Gold Medalist)
Worked as Manager in L&T Co.Ltd for 3 years
Regional Secretary (GBC) of Ghaziabad in ISKCON
Director of IYF Delhi, Shresta, Ethic Craft Club

Rambhadra Das

Temple President - ISKCON Gurugram
Life Coach & Motivational Speaker
Temple President – ISKCON Gurugram
B. Tech from Punjab Technical University
Ex Manager India Bulls
Director of IYF in Bihar, Jharkhand, Ludhiana, Bareily, Rudrapur
Deputy Director, IYF Delhi

Dhiraj Nauhbar

Co-founder & CEO at DROR
London Business School & NIT Calicut Alum
Over 15 years of experience in scaling e-commerce startups
Digital Evangelist
Life Coach
Listed as 100 Most Influential Marketing Professional India

Gunjan Chowdary

Founder and CEO - KICO (Online learning app)
Research and Development scholar-Volkswagen, Germany

Anshul Agarwal

Principal at Accenture | IIT & IIM
Principal at Accenture Strategy & Consulting
B.Tech – IIT BHU
MBA – IIM Lucknow
Ex-Tata Motors
Works with the leaders of Indian and Global companies to co-create value by driving growth

What our Student have to say

Over 5000+ people have already benefitted from the course

Vishal Rana

Samsung R&D Software Engineer
Unfolding each session of this course was like reading the user manual on Life, and finally beginning to understand how it worked.
Now I feel like I have a framework, principles, and lots of practical ideas I can play with, to discover how to really drive this thing. Thank a lot!

Hardik Kathuria

Masters in Environment Mgmt.

Attending Bhagavad Gita Course has been the most liberating experience of my life’s journey till now. It has helped me become Confident and Firm in whatever I do. The major contribution is that it has helped me ward off my worries and anxieties and attain peace of mind in my academics.

Shubh Kumar

Analyst at HDFC Bank | IIT Delhi Alum

An absolutely classic course. Thank you for creating such a practical course. Society desperately needs more of these.

I will look forward to more courses from you. Thanks again for doing a wonderful job.

Aditya Gupta

Tech Lead at Board Infinity

The Bhagavata Gita Course was the most amazing experience in my life it changed my perspective towards life and made me explore and think on a different dimension. Especially the Speakers explained everything in such an elaborate and easy-to-understand way and gave very practical applications which one can easy apply in one’s life.

Shubham Sagar

Law Graduate - DU

The principles laid down in Bhagavad Gita and very hopeful for that so that I can become a good person and serve better to the society. All credits goes to this course was a complete eye-opener for me.

Shivam Kumar

B.Tech from Delhi Technological University
There is a lot to tell but in crux, I have become much more calm and clear in life as to how to face the tough situations and make the right decision amidst different dilemmas in life after this course.

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