NUTSS -. (Novel Understanding for Teenagers in Science and Spirituality) Is aimed at answering spiritual questions through a scientific perspective, along with fun-filled activities and counseling for facing challenges that a teenager might stumble upon.

Bhagvad Gita

18 Weeks: The course is offered in both Hindi and English, with one chapter of the book covered each week.

Vedic Women Hood

Meant for girls and ladies above 20 years of age. Sessions are delivered by experienced female practitioners of Bhakti Yoga on topics like Relationships, Balancing Work and Devotion, Practising Bhakti Yoga at home. etc.

Bhakti Vriksha Leaders

It is meant for married people who are leading at least one Bhakti Vriksha( Bhakti Yoga Practitioners group). They are trained in the skills and values required in their service.

Sunday Love Feast

Is an open program for new guests. In this, practical benefits of Krishna Conscious philosophy are shared, along with the popular ISKCON Prasad and Kirtan.

Mridanga Classes

Held on Sundays, herein is an opportunity acquires some music skills for serving Lord Krishna.